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I am connected with different countries and nationalities by my origin and I can rightfully consider myself a cosmopolitan. The noble and peasant blood flows in me, helping me in my artwork.

I am happy to say something important to you through my art. I want to bring in your life positive emotions, happiness and love. I remember when I was a little girl, I dreamed of ornaments whimsically changing like in a kaleidoscope. Now I shifted my vision onto the canvas and embroider.

Embroidery is not a familiar word for everyone, so I will say a few words about the production technology of Unique Embroidery.

Basically, I embroider with a double cross, it is also called Bulgarian. Nowadays practically nobody works in this technique of hand embroidery. I took the cross itself as a base and developed my own unique style.

Usually artisans are uses 1 or 2 threads from a floss, I embroider with 6 or 8 threads. It doesn't make the production process any faster, but it allows me to achieve the volume and 3D effect I need for my ornaments. In addition, it makes the embroidery denser and gives at least 8 years of guarantee to the product with daily use and numerous hand washings.

As the main materials I use the best canvas and special embroidery threads. I am confident in the quality of my products.

Unique Embroidery accessories eco-friendly and feeling great in any climate.

I do not use a sewing machine, I prefer to spend more time for perfect results. All small parts stitched by hands to preserve the beauty of embroidery.

Each of my hand embroidery, each accessory is made in only one copy, because this is a story about a specific person, customer`s story, customer`s personality in stitches, colors and shapes. I slowly create my magic and make beautiful, exclusive things for unique people.

Hand embroidery artist and accessory designer Anya Isac among inspiring nature of Mauritius island






This is definitely my soul mate beyond gender and age. A person is brave, bright, walking his own way in the flow of powerful energies, but never merging with it, because he has his own bright personality. Connoisseur of beauty. A person who knows how to love and subtly feels this world.

Yes, it is possible. On the way to popularize this hand embroidery technique, I digitizing my designs. Double cross stitch or Bulgarian cross embroidery is becoming a part of your life here and now! Just visit my e-shop following this link https://ueonetsy.etsy.com and choose patterns to embroider.

All products are made in the technique of a Double cross stitch, sometimes with the inclusion of a simple cross stitch. A lot of useful information for mastering this embroidery technique can be found on the YouTube channel - Anya Isac Unique Embroidery followed by link https://www.youtube.com/@UniqueEmbroidery To enroll in detailed courses, please contact me personally.

Unique Embroidery adheres to the highest handmade standards. Everything from embroidery to sewing the product is done only by hand. For production, only natural fabrics and 100% cotton threads of the best quality are used.

Yes, accessories can be hand washed in cold water and liquid soap. After rinsing, the item should be laid out to dry horizontally or hung vertically on a lining to maintain the shape and beauty of the embroidery.

The embroidered letters UE on each piece are an abbreviation and mean Unique Embroidery.

Yes it is. The embroidery pattern is never repeated and therefore each customer can be completely sure that he is the owner of an exclusive accessory. For me, the main thing in the creation process is freedom of creativity and pleasure, this is the only way I can feel the customer and be sure that the final result will satisfy both of us. I think not about quantity, but about the quality of the product and my relationship with the customer.

In 2012, the first year of moving to Mauritius. It was a sublimation of energy while adapting to a new way of life, as well as a desire to make something beautiful, adapted to a humid tropical climate, durable and light at the same time. And I did it! My first bags were large and you can see and order them on my other resources listed in the contacts below.

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