Full moon canvas

In order to most reliably reflect the landscape and the beauty of smooth transitions, I used a mixed technique in this embroidery, combining a basic double cross and a simple cross. First, I embroidered the outlines with a simple cross and then filled the pictures with color transitions, fantasizing about the tones of the full moon landscape.

Subsequently this embroidered canvas was framed and became a wall decoration.

This technique can also be used for embroidery with its subsequent use in creating accessories, I am always open to any creative process and in this section I demonstrate the limitless possibilities of double cross stitching. I will also gladly embroider a wall canvas for you.

All my patterns, all my goods are one-of-a-kind, made with Love.

If you want to order canvas with different pattern of embroidery you can contact me for pre-order. I shall follow general concept and your preferences (see below), but final result will be unique as all my creations.


please include the following in message to me:

1. Describe image you want me to embroider and I will show you few options I can do to choose;

2. Describe approximate size of canvas you need;

3. Special wishes, date needed by.

Don't forget my philosophy - Only exclusive! All handmade!