Unique Embroidery`s style in the mixed technique of double cross and simple cross

Sometimes I want to do something crazy and a double cross become not enough, so for more freedom in my creative self-expression, I also include an ordinary cross in my embroidery. This complicates the process, but it allows me to achieve the shapes and lines I need.

This embroidery technique is perfect for both accessories and wall decorations. They have some kind of meditative power.

All my patterns, all my goods are one-of-a-kind, made with Love.

If you want to order embroidered canvas you can contact me for pre-order. I shall follow general concept and your preferences (see below), but final result will be unique as all my creations.


please include the following in message to me:

1. Describe your preferred colors, if any (2-3 colors will be enough);

2. Describe your preferred elements, if any;

3. Tell me approximate size of final product;

4. Special wishes, date needed by.

Don't forget my philosophy - Only exclusive! All handmade!