Unique Embroidery`s style in the mixed technique of double cross and simple cross with linear color change

In creativity, the most difficult thing is to convey simplicity and depth at the same time. This is the most time consuming embroidery technique I use now, but the result is absolutely phenomenal. You can meditate on such paintings and accessories, which, in fact, is what their owners do.

All my patterns, all my goods are one-of-a-kind, made with Love.

If you want to order embroidered canvas you can contact me for pre-order. I shall follow general concept and your preferences (see below), but final result will be unique as all my creations.


please include the following in message to me:

1. Describe your preferred colors, if any (2-3 colors will be enough);

2. Tell me approximate size of final product;

3. Special wishes, date needed by.

Don't forget my philosophy - Only exclusive! All handmade!